Counterfeit Parts

If it's too good to be true, it probably is.

When it comes to auto parts, that old saying is definitely the case. Imitation auto parts have become a serious problem in recent years. So beware; make sure you are purchasing genuine GM Parts.

What are imitation parts?

Imitation parts manufactured, packaged and represented in a way designed to take the place of an original part, despite the inferior quality. Imitators often duplicate a trademark exactly, or alter it just enough that the average consumer won't notice the difference.

Why should I care?

The real kicker is that, more often than not, imitations parts are of inferior quality and performance. Imitation parts may be cheaper up front, but they could cost you a lot more in the long run.

For starters, imitation parts typically don't last as long as genuine GM parts. Unlike genuine GM Parts, imitation parts typically aren't built according to your GM vehicle's specifications, leading to possible mechanical problems and system breakdowns.

Imitation parts are often produced using substandard materials that don't hold up or perform like genuine GM Parts.

Commonly imitated parts:

  • starters
  • spark plugs
  • oxygen sensors
  • valves and valve lifters
  • distributor caps
  • gasoline filters and filter caps
  • rocker arms and camshafts
  • antifreeze/coolant and transmission fluids
  • bearings
  • alternators and generators
  • wheel covers
  • oil and air filters
  • shock absorbers
  • fan belts
  • disc brake pads and shoes
  • air conditioning compressors

GM's Role

We're concerned about imitation parts for several reasons. First, imitation parts cast a shadow on our reputation as a provider of high-quality replacement parts. They lead to a loss in sales and in jobs, both for our company and the entire automotive industry.

We've worked hard to establish and maintain our reputation. So we're working with law enforcement agencies, as well as with other automotive manufacturers, to battle imitation parts makers.
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